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Jazz Market by the Sea, Bali’s most awaited festival, has Gone Fishing……..


Jazz Market founders Astari Siswanto & Jappy Sanger are taking a year off……  The rapid growth of Jazz Market By The Sea, which now attracts more than 6,000 visitors over its three-day weekend, is both a blessing and a curse…. Not wanting Jazz Market to lose it soul, the founders have decided to take a year off to review and improve the festival concept. 


‘It is important for us to take time out to ensure the festival maintains its creative flare rather than just going through the process of event execution.


The very heart and soul of the festival lies in its celebration of Indonesians creative inspiration, through the amazing music talents, the diverse flavours of the many food stalls and the carefully curated market place of local arts & crafts.’ 


– Astari Siswanto, Co-founder 

‘Like with anything, we don’t want to approach the festival as simply a yearly routine and chore.   It is festival with a purpose.  Just like a musician once said that music is a two-way thing between the musician and the listener.

The same goes with festivals. The spirit of Jazz Market is about freedom of expression and thus we too don’t want to be boxed in by its popularity.’ 


– Jappy Sanger, Co-founder 

We thank all the Jazz Market lovers and supporters that have been with us from our humble beginnings.

This is only a break, and we will most definitely be back, without fail next year in August 2018!  We will return with a bigger catch…….


Check out some awesome photos from last year's Jazz Market here.


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